Parking and Traffic

Travis Student Drop-off / Pick-up Policy



Due to the upcoming construction for the new wing,

the only allowed drop off and pick up zone is:


The loading zone lane on McKinney Avenue (front of school)



The following are NOT allowed at ANY time:

  • drop off or pick up in the teacher parking lot due to construction
  • drop off or pick up on school side of Allen St. due to construction
  • leaving your car unattended in the loading zones along McKinney Ave. and Allen St.
  • doubling-up the line on Allen St.
  • blocking crosswalks or intersections while stopped in a drop off or pick up line
  • parking in the back lot - it will be used for the construction.



If you prefer to park and walk in to pick up your student…

parking is available across Allen St and in the surrounding neighborhood.  Remember to walk your child to the front entrance on McKinney to enter the school.

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