Uniform & Dress Code Information


The most current and up-to-date 2023-2024 Travis Dress Code information can be found here.


Students are expected to come to school dressed according to the district/school’s dress code policy (see District Policy FNCA Local) and the attachment in the Appendix on Travis TAG Attire. If a student comes to school without the proper clothing, a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian to bring the appropriate clothes. Students will not be allowed in class until they change into the appropriate clothing. Clothing should be clean and free of permanent stains. Clothing should not be torn or damaged (torn jeans).


Every Friday of the month will be Spirit Day and every Monday will be College Tee Shirt Day.


All K-12th grade students in Dallas ISD are required to carry a clear or mesh backpack. Students may carry a small, nonclear pouch in their backpack to hold personal items, such as cellphones, money, and hygiene products. To support families, each student will be provided a durable clear backpack at no cost. Parents may also purchase the preferred clear backpack, or the acceptable mesh backpack, for their students.


You may wear: 

• SHIRTS: Black, White, or Navy; *Must have a collar; *Can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved

• PANTS: Black, Khaki, or Navy; *No leggings as pants

• SHORTS: Black, Khaki, or Navy, *Must not be shorter than mid-thigh

 SKIRTS: Black, Khaki, Navy, School Plaid, *Must not be shorter than mid-thigh; *Shorts are required to be worn under skirts

• LEGGINGS: may be worn under skirts or shorts; *No color restriction

 OUTERWEAR: Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Hoodies may be worn, *May not have offensive graphics or words; *Hoodies must stay down while indoors

• SPIRIT DAYS: Travis Shirt or College Shirt with jean pants

• FREE-DRESS DAYS: All attire must meet dress code specifications including no offensive language on clothing, lengths of skirts, dresses and shorts . No loungewear, crop tops, sandals, slippers, Crocs (or the equivalent)

• SHOES: Shoes must be closed-toed



You may not wear: 

• Flip-flops, slippers, high-heeled shoes, Crocs (or the alternative brands)
• Form-fitting garments (tight leggings)
• Display of cleavage, low cut blouses, and crop tops
• Clothing with inappropriate decorations/designs/lettering/logos
• Facial and spiked jewelry

• Torn, ripped, or damaged clothing

Clarification regarding apparel should be obtained BEFORE WEARING IT TO SCHOOL; this can be obtained from school administration. Parents/Guardians will be called to bring appropriate attire. The school administration shall have the right to consider any current fashion to determine its acceptability. This dress code will be strictly enforced.



The school has approved a knife pleat style plaid skirt:


  • Plaid skirts in hunter/navy are available from the school uniform section at Lands' End: www.landsend.com

While you may buy uniform apparel at any store, there is a selection of branded uniform apparel available through the school uniform section at Lands' End. Go to Find Your School, where you can search by entering Travis in Dallas, Texas, or by entering school number 900150582. A percentage of purchases at Lands' End comes back to Travis.




Spirit Fridays


Fridays are Spirit Days: Students are encouraged to show their school pride by wearing their Travis shirts with jeans or uniform bottoms (shirts sold by the PTA Spirit Store, official Travis club or competition shirts, grade level shirts or Field Day shirts). The PTA's Spirit Store is open periodically throughout the year. Sales will be communicated on our home page and via our Wolftracks newsletter.


College Mondays


On Mondays, students may wear their favorite college shirt with jeans or uniform bottoms.


PE for 4-5 Grades


Vanguard (elementary) students DO NOT change for PE.


PE for 6-8 Grades


Academy (middle school) students will dress out for PE. Shirts are white crewneck (cotton or dry-fit) or the approved Gray Wolf shirts sold by PTA's Spirit Store. PE shorts and pants must be black. Black shorts may have a small, colored stripe on the side.

Many kids find it convenient to use a small gym bag that fits inside their regular backpack for PE clothes. The gym bag does NOT need to be clear.