Brand Guidelines for Travis TAG


A brand guide has been developed to help direct the visual standards of Travis TAG. Providing a cohesive visual identity will assist Travis TAG in standardizing our public image, communicating a consistent and unified message, and distinguishing the school from other magnet schools in Dallas. It will also help reinforce and remind the students and school community of Travis TAG's immediate and future goals.


Included in the guide is a wide variety of approved logos and word mark options with specific directions on how, when and where to utilize and represent the Travis TAG brand to all audiences on and off campus. In the Mascot & Logo section below, you will find the Travis TAG logos available for download in the approved configurations ready for implementation in print or onscreen.


The success of these new standards relies upon the understanding, cooperation and support of the entire Travis TAG community. As the school continues to evolve, the brand guide will be revised as needed. If you have any questions regarding the application of the Travis TAG brand, please



School Name in Written or Visual Materials:


Please use one of the following approved names when referring to our school:


  • Our full name: William B. Travis Vanguard and Academy for the Academically Talented and Gifted


  • Shortened version: Travis TAG








Travis TAG’s mascot is the timberwolf. To maintain brand integrity, no alterations should be made to the mascot or logo except when necessary due to a name change. It is important that when using the school mascot or logo in the design, minimum safe space is observed on ALL SIDES.



Click here to download a ZIP folder
of Travis TAG logos in various formats




DO NOT use any colors but the approved brand colors: Travis green, black, or white.

TRAVIS GREEN specifications:


PMS 7733

CMYK: c87 m3 y84 k39

RGB: r4 g106 b56

Hex#: 1d7247




DISD logo and branding guide (PDF)



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