As you are aware, a mask wearing mandate has been issued by Dallas ISD.  Although safety measures are subject to change, our campus safety team has adjusted Travis protocols to align ourselves with district policy and keep our kids safe.  Please find our safety procedures and systems on our Travis Parent Landing Page - click here.




Hi Travis TAG families,
I am the new nurse for Travis and I am so excited to be here for you all especially during these difficult times. I would like to take the time to cover some of the common COVID-19 questions I have been receiving from parents and staff.  Please note that COVID guidelines are changing constantly, so feel free to click here for helpful information for how the Dallas ISD is handling COVID-19 procedures.
Quarantine Policy for Unvaccinated and Vaccinated Students/Staff:

Students who have a known COVID exposure and DO NOT have symptoms who meet the following criteria DO NOT need to stay home and quarantine:

1. Fully vaccinated OR
2. Tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 3 months

For unvaccinated students and staff who have had a known contact with someone positive for COVID-19:

1. Quarantine at home and be tested 5 to 7 calendar days after exposure. If your child tests negative and is free of symptoms, they may return to school on day 8.
2. If you choose not to COVID test your child, they must quarantine at home for 10 calendar days and may return to campus on day 11 if symptoms have improved.
Students and Staff who test positive for COVID-19 may not return to campus until:

1. Fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications AND
2. Symptoms have improved AND
3. Note from a medical professional to return to school OR
4. At least 10 days have passed since symptoms presented
Determining whether or not your child has come in contact with a known exposure:

* If your child is vaccinated and without symptoms, they will NOT need to quarantine if there is a positive COVID case in their classroom.
* Students who are unvaccinated, have a positive COVID case in their classroom, and have been within a 6 ft distance of each other for 15 or more minutes will be considered a close contact. They will have the opportunity to be rapid tested on campus (with parent permission) and will be sent home to quarantine.
* If your student is unsure if they have a known exposure but would like to be rapid tested, they are welcome to receive a rapid test from me in the clinic on campus with parent permission.
Informing and Reporting Positive Cases:
* Following my nursing assessment of your child, I will notify the parent directly to pick up the child from school.
    * I will offer a COVID test if recommended and parental permission is granted
    * I will offer a medical referral if necessary, based on my assessment.
* The principal will be immediately notified, and students will be moved to another location in the building as appropriate for disinfecting purposes.
* The Dallas ISD Health Services department will also be contacted and will provide guidance on any additional next steps or actions needed.

Rapid COVID testing:
Every Dallas ISD school has Binax rapid covid tests available on campus for students and staff.  Students under 18 years of age require parent permission to receive rapid testing. If you did not grant permission when you completed online enrollment of your child, please contact me for a permission form.
The Binax Rapid COVID-19 Test involves a simple nasal swab specimen to be collected from the patient. This sample is then inserted into a test card that will read the results in 15 minutes. These tests are minimally invasive and do not enter the nasopharynx (they only go to the bridge of the nose/hard cartilage).
Rapid tests can be given to students and staff who have a close contact, have covid-like symptoms, or are worried about having covid-19.  If your child is experiencing symptoms at home, please do not bring them to school for covid testing. There are plenty of covid testing sites available, and you can find a list of testing sites here:
Katie Tepfenhart BSN, RN
William B Travis Nurse