Looking for school supply lists for the 2021-2022 year?


 There are two big changes for this upcoming school year based on feedback from the school and parents:

(1) No pre-boxed supply ordering will be offered. 

(2) No planners will be distributed to 7th graders.


PTA purchased planners will be distributed next year in class for grades 4th-6th and 8th. 7th graders who would like a paper planner can pick one up in the office.

Ways to purchase supplies

(1) Do your shopping online from pre-loaded supply lists at https://www.teacherlists.com/travisacademy and choose from one of five retailers (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Staples and EPI).  Purchase an entire list or just the parts you want.  A portion of all spending on items purchased through the Teacher Lists link goes back to Travis!


(2) Purchase on your own

Click here for pdfs of school supply list for each grade