What is the Site-Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM)?

The Site-Based Decision Making Committee serves as an advisory council to the principal. The SBDM committee is comprised of campus staff, parents, business and community representatives. SBDM is designed to be the umbrella under which school-related issues, activities, and initiatives are discussed.


The recommendations and suggestions made by the committee should align with the campus improvement plan and promote student achievement. Ultimately, it is the principal who is responsible for the instructional and operational functions of the campus and therefore, final decisions are reserved for the principal. As school related issues occur or school activities and initiatives evolve, the SBDM committee may authorize a sub-committee to convene to resolve the issue or improve the activity or initiative.


William B. Travis SBDM

2022 – 2023 Officers, Standing Committee Chairs and At Large Members


  • Chairperson Courtney Templin (parent)
  • Vice-Chairperson (Evaluation and Modification Chair) Lucy Arnold (parent)
  • Scribe April Castillo (teacher)
  • Facilitator/Timekeeper Ricardo Rodriguez (parent)
  • Curriculum Instruction and Assessment Chair Keely Jackson (teacher)
  • Budget Chair John Thomas (community member)
  • Facilities and Safety Subcommittee Chair Millie Domenench (parent)
  • TAG Advocacy and Public Relations Chair Stacy Wester (teacher)
  • Coordinated School Health Chair (Sharon Mayes) (teacher)
  • Retention and Attrition Chair Deanna Centurion (parent)
  • At-Large Member #1 Karen Graves (teacher)
  • At-Large Member #2 Hasani Wilburn (Magnet Coordinator)


If you have a question or would like to help out on a particular subcommittee, please contact the chair. Topics of discussion you would like to have addressed at a meeting need to be sent to the chair 48 hours before the scheduled meeting.


Please click here for a list of our SBDM campus bylaws.


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