Established in 2000 and located in the heart of Uptown Dallas, Travis TAG is a school for Academically Talented and Gifted students in grades four through eight. As the premier TAG school of Dallas ISD’s magnet programs Travis is known as the academic powerhouse where both schools, the Vanguard (4th-5th grades) and Academy (6th-8th grades) are rated exemplary by the Texas Education Agency.


At Travis TAG, our families and student body come from all over Dallas bringing diversity, culture and language together to form a well interconnected community and enriched environment. Our TAG curriculum is accelerated, challenging and wide-ranging to adjust for the modern world. Our faculty members are experts in their discipline, patient listeners, coherent communicators and can pivot to changing circumstances while maintaining instruction. 


At Travis TAG our goal is to educate “the whole child” and to encourage students to realize their full potential by practicing critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to move them into their next phase of learning. We are Travis, we are Premier, Proven and Proud!



Travis TAG tours will start on October 20, 2023 and will occur every other Friday through January 27, 2024. Each tour will be limited to five (5) families with one (1) adult and one (1) guests. The guest can be another adult or a child. 

To reserve your spot, please use this link to schedule your appointment for the Travis TAG Tours.


Tours will begin with a Question and Answer session, followed by a campus tour. Please meet at the main entrance off Allen St. We look forward to seeing you and your family!


On Thursday, November 9, 2023, Travis TAG will host one large OPEN HOUSE from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, where one (1) adult and one (1) guest can tour the school, hear from faculty, administration, and students as well as ask questions and learn more about the application process.


An RSVP form will be updated in the coming weeks so please check back here for the form link.















Q: What is required to test and apply for Travis? And when are applications due?

A: https://www.dallasisd.org/domain/22274


Q: Where do most of Travis’ accepted students come from?
A: Students apply from all over Dallas and currently our student body is made up of families from over 40+ Dallas county zip codes, including students from both public and private schools.


Q: How much homework is assigned?

A: It varies, some teachers do not give homework, some teachers give homework but typically no more than 1-2 hours. Many of our talented Travis students are in extra-curricular after school programs (club sports, band, etc.) and make their after school practices every night without harm to their studies. Students may also be working independently or within a group on class projects throughout the school year. Travis students learn strong time management skills.


Q: What high schools do Travis students attend?

A: Over the past few years over ~34% of Travis students went on to Townview TAG and ~18% go on to SEM, ~12% to Booker T., 14% to Woodrow Wilson and 2% to private Dallas high schools.


Q: Are there sports teams at Travis?

A: No, most of our talented students are on competitive club teams or continue to participate in UIL sports at their homeschool. Please contact your homeschool for more information.


Q: Are there buses for Travis?
A: Yes. Please visit the DISD Student Transportation Services web page to find your child’s route: https://www.dallasisd.org/Page/62269


Q: Who can I contact regarding the Magnet application process?
A: Please contact the Dallas ISD Magnet office



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