Elementary Visual Art:  Maddy Robinson

Middle School Visual Art:  Pari Patel

Elementary Dance Choreography:  Trinity Green



Elementary Film Production:  Elle Parker

Middle School Film Production:  Sonali Sevak

Elementary Photography:  Averee Kubasta

Middle School Photography:  Harry Straughn

Elementary Music Composition:  Simon Yoost





Middle School Music Composition:  Monisha Sevak





Elementary Literature:  Illiana Lega




Middle School Literature:  Kalem Xu







The 2021-22 Reflections Arts Contest Theme: "I Will Change the World by . . ."



"I will change the world by" cleaning up the local parks and lakes of litter that destroys aquatic wildlife.

"I will change the world by" planting pollinators to conserve the bee population.

"I will change the world by" celebrating diversity.

"I will change the world by" spreading kindness and tolerance.

"I will change the world by" being a powerful role model for younger girls.

"I will change the world by" reducing hunger.
"I will change the world by" helping third-world countries without safe drinking water.
"I will change the world by" fighting against global warming.
"I will change the world by" being the first generation in my family to attend college.
"I will change the world by" creating art that builds awareness of social issues.

The list is endless....


  • This is a great opportunity to evaluate your community service projects and reflect on why you volunteer in a personal essay or in an interview/documentary. 
  • If you traveled overseas or to a remote part of the US, document the other cultures and their traditions with film or photography. 
  • If you are a dancer or a musician, consider creating an original piece that reflects how inspired you are by your role in the change you want to make in the world. 
  • Maybe you are a storyteller. Write a short story, a play, a poem, or paint/draw a picture.
You can enter in as many categories as you want and as many times as you want, so let your imagination flow!



*Please fill out an editable pdf "Entry Form" for every submission you want to enter. Here is the English version. Here is the Spanish version. (Your typed signatures will be accepted.) 

Attach your "Entry Form" to an email with your submission piece also attached to me @ michellegaunt@hotmail.com.


YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF PTA TO COMPETE AT THIS LEVEL (although we encourage 100% PTA membership at Travis).


Here is a brief description of the "Category Rules" in English and Spanish, but don't hesitate to email me for more information or questions.



We can't wait to see how you interpret the theme!

Reflections Team 2021-2022

Michelle Gaunt & Alyson and Duncan Black