As Travis PTA's primary fundraising resource, this annual drive raises critical funds to fill gaps in our school's 2021 - 2022 budget and support the PTA's mission. This year we also hope to begin funding a range of post-construction campus improvements.  Our ambitious goal is to raise $50,000 through your generous contributions!

What is the money used for? 100% of the donations stay at William B. Travis. This money supplements district funds for school programs such as art, music, drama, language, clubs, and competitions.  It also goes to grade-level activities such as school dances and field day and faculty “wish list” items such as learning materials, continuing education for teachers and technology for the classroom, all of which contribute to the education and building of a well-rounded child.

How much should I give? Any amount is greatly appreciated, although we recommend a contribution of $150.00 per student. We understand this amount may not be possible for everyone, but we would ask that you participate at a level that is comfortable for your family. Our goal is 100% participation, no matter how big or small the gift.

How can I give? Donate anytime online - click here!


I have more than 1 kid at Travis - will they all get credit for the contest? Yes! As long as your PTA account is updated with each kid and their correct grade, our reports will count them all. 


An alternate option is to mail a check to Travis TAG PTA, c/o William B. Travis Vanguard/Academy, 3001 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204.

Are there other ways I can help? Yes! Please ask your HR department if your donation qualifies for a corporate match. We will help you get any needed PTA documents or signatures.

Any other ways to donate to the school? Yes, consider shopping through Amazon Smile, linking your Tom Thumb or Kroger loyalty card to Travis, downloading the Box Tops App, or collecting Community Coffee Proofs of Purchase.


Questions: Contact the Treasure Travis Team, Stephanie Brown and Emily Osborne, at