What makes Travis so special?




"I love the pace of the academics at Travis and being in the city!"

"I love that I found my people! All of the kids are so kind, smart and talented."

"I love Travis because everyone encourages learning and is very nice. The people at Travis make learning more fun!"

"I love that Travis challenges me and encourages me. Travis is full of people who are kind and caring - they make you feel like you want to stay there forever!"





"I love watching my children thrive at Travis! It's a community that is supportive, that celebrates being smart and creative, and that inspires my kids to excel. My kids feel at home at Travis!"


"I love how the educators promote intellectual discovery and well-being in their everyday lessons."


"I love how this cool little school in the heart of Uptown is filled with bright, highly-motivated future leaders and compassionate educators who create a nurturing learning environment that supports the whole child."


Welcome to the school that we love

Welcome to Travis! #TravisProud


Want to know more about what makes Travis special? Watch our video for a sneak peek into our school!


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